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The "Tulsa Area Wargame Confederation" is an association of players in the Tulsa area who meet several times a month to play wargames. Although we occasionally play board games, our main focus is miniatures gaming. The periods covered span the length of history from ancient to modern times. Although we're willing to try almost any historical period, our main areas of interest at present include:

Ancients (15mm/25mm)

French & Indian Wars (25mm)

American War of Independence (15mm)

Napoleonic period (15mm)

War of 1812 (15mm)

American Civil War (15mm)

British Colonial wars of the late-19th Century (15mm/25mm)

WWII (15mm)

New members are always welcome. Both club membership and subscriptions to this newsletter are free, and may be obtained simply by sending an e-mail message to  Also feel free to join our Yahoo Group at

We play all of our game at "Top Deck Games" in Tulsa on 31st Street South just west of 31st Street and Sheridan Rd.  Their phone number is (918) 665-7529.


Webmaster / Game Master
    Jamie Mott

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